Aasimar 5e Race - Guide for Dungeons & Dragons
Breed:  Aasimar
Size:  Medium
Stat Bonuses:  +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma.
Speed:  30 feet
Automatic languages:  Common and Celestial
Optional languages:  Draconic, Elvish, Dwarf, Gnome, Medium and Silvan
Level adjustment:  +1
Favorite Class:  Paladin
Alignment:  Legal Good
Others:  the aasimar are foreign natives.


Visitors from other planes come through the many magical portals that exist in Faerûn, including outsiders of various kinds, some of whom stay or settle in Faerün and have children with human natives. In the end, his extra-planar inheritance ends up being diluted with the passage of several generations, resulting in a person whose blood has a celestial, infernal or elemental origin.

These creatures known as debt-planes possess unusual abilities based on the nature of their ancestors, but they appear completely human in some respects. Debt planes prefer to blend in with human society and rarely form communities of their own.

Carrying the blood of a celestial, aasimar are usually of good alignment and fight against the evil of the world. Some possess a minor physical trait that suggests their heritage, such as silver hair, golden eyes, or an unnaturally intense gaze. Those who are descended from a celestial companion of a Faerunian deity often have a birthmark in the shape of the god's sacred symbol or some other mark important to their faith.

Physical Description

As descendants of angels and alien natives, the Aasimar have angelic appearance, with well-defended and clear features. They are exceptionally more beautiful than other faerun breeds and their bearing is superior.


The Aasimar are sociable with all races of Faerun except their opposites the Tiefling.

Special Features

Native alien

Given the strength of their divine or infernal stock, the Debtplane races have the unusual characteristic of being made up of alien natives of Faerûn, not humanoids. This has three main effects:

First, effects that only apply to humanoids, such as the Mastery Person or Enchant Person spells, do not affect Debt-Flat characters.

Second, spells or effects applied to extra-planar creatures can affect flat-debased characters. For example, the sword of the planes or the mace of punishment are more effective against outsiders and, therefore, are proportionally more dangerous for a flat-debt character. A spell that sends an alien back to their plane of origin will not affect debt-plane characters, but banishment (a spell that expels an alien from the caster's plane, without specifying the caster's return to its natural plane) will work as perfection.

Finally, the Debt Planes of Faerûn have lived long enough in Toril for this world to become, in effect, their natural plane. This means that flat-debtor characters can be revived or resurrected normally, while most alien characters cannot be brought back from the dead without using a wish or miracle spell.